Greece and Italy

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Naples, a city in southern Italy, sits on the Bay of Naples. Nearby is Mount Vesuvius, the still-active volcano that destroyed nearby Roman town Pompeii. Dating to the 2nd millennium B.C., Naples has centuries of important art and architecture. The city’s cathedral, the Duomo di San Gennaro, is filled with frescoes. Other major landmarks include the lavish Royal Palace and Castel Nuovo, a 13th-century castle.

Area: 117.27 km²
Population: 983,755 thousand (2014)
Currency: Italian Lira / Euro

Florence, capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, is home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture. One of its most iconic sights is the Duomo, a cathedral with a terracotta-tiled dome engineered by Brunelleschi and a bell tower by Giotto. The Galleria dell’Accademia displays Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture. The Uffizi Gallery exhibits Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and da Vinci’s “Annunciation”.

Area: 102.41 km²
Population: 379,122 Thousand (2010)
Currency: Euro

Rome, Italy’s capital, is a sprawling, cosmopolitan city with nearly 3,000 years of globally influential art, architecture and culture on display. Ancient ruins such as the Forum and the Colosseum evoke the power of the former Roman Empire. Vatican City, headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, has St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, which house masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes.

Area: 1,285 km²
Population: 2.868 million (2010)
Currency: Euro

Athens is the capital of Greece. It was also at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. The city is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings like the colonnaded Parthenon temple. The Acropolis Museum, along with the National Archaeological Museum, preserves sculptures, vases, jewelry and more from Ancient Greece.

Area: 2,929 km²
Population: 664,046 Thousand (2010)
Currency: Euro

Amfilochia is a town and a municipality in the northwestern part of Aetolia-Acarnania in Greece, on the site of ancient Amfilochia. Under the Ottoman Empire, it was known as Karvasaras

Area: 390.6 km²
Population: 17,056 Thousand (2011)
Currency: Euro

Venice, the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region, is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It has no roads, just canals – including the Grand Canal thoroughfare – lined with Renaissance and Gothic palaces. The central square, Piazza San Marco, contains St. Mark’s Basilica, which is tiled with Byzantine mosaics, and the Campanile bell tower offering views of the city’s red roofs.

Area: 414.6 km²
Population: 264,557 Thousand (2014)
Currency: Euro / Italian Lira

Olympia, the capital of Washington state, is at the southern end of Puget Sound. The sprawling Washington State Capitol Campus, beside Capitol Lake, includes the stately Legislative Building and the 1909 Governor’s Mansion. On the downtown waterfront, Percival Landing Park has a boardwalk and public art. More than 200 bird species visit the estuary habitat of the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.

Area: 19.68 km²
Population: 51,202 Thousand (2016)
Currency: Dollar

  • Europamundo General Services: Travel by bus with English speaking guide, basic travel insurance, and breakfast buffet.
  • Includes arrival transfer.
  • Boat: Vaporetto along the canals in Venice.
  • City tour in: Athens, Olympia, Rome, Florence, Venice.
  • Evening Transfer: Plaka neighbourhood in Athens, Via Cavour in Rome.
  • Ticket admission: Coliseum, Saint Mark´s Basilica, Murano Glass Factory in Venice.
  • Ferry: Night Igoumenitsa – Brindisi.
  • Meals: Dinner in Olympia.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Flight Tickets.
  • VISA Fees.
  • Personal Expenses.


01 WED. Athens - Arrival.
TODAY´S HIGHLIGHTS: Evening transfer to Plaka neighbourhood.
Arrival to  Athens. At night we provide an  evening
transfer to PLAKA area. This neighbourhood is full of
small Greek taverns where you can enjoy the rich folk- lore of this country.
TODAY´S HIGHLIGHTS: City tour in Athens.
We will enjoy a scenic visit of this modern city, which
includes the Panathinaikos Stadium and the Royal Pal- ace.
Note: Occasionally, the tour of Athens may take place on
Wednesday right after arrival depending on how this stage
develops and the sunlight.
Free time during the day to walk around and discover
unforgettable places.
plio - Olympia.
TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Ancient Greek theatre of Epi- daurus. Visit the highly picturesque seaport town of
Nafplio in the Peloponnese region. Dinner is included. 
We will depart for the Peloponnese region in the morn- ing.  We will stop at the CORINTH CANAL. Afterwards,
we will arrive in EPIDAURUS enjoying the view of gor- geous landscapes. We will visit the magnificent Ancient
Theatre which is surrounded by a unique landscape. We
will later journey to NAFPLIO, a town by the Aegean
Sea. We will visit its historic centre, its lovely marina
and its medieval castle. Lunch break and free time to
stroll around. We will resume our journey to OLYMPIA
at mid-afternoon. Supper included.
goumenitsa (board ship).
TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Guided visit to Olympia.
Overnight voyage from Greece to Italy. 
We will visit OLYMPIA archeological site with a lo- cal guide. You will have a chance to visit its museum
and archeological site (guided tour, ticket to the park
not included) which the cradle of the Olympic games
in ancient times. We will get back on route to  PA- TRAS, Greece’s third largest city. We will visit its ac- tive, lively centre. Afterwards, we will travel to Northern
Greece, AMFILOCHIA. Short stop in this quiet coastal
town; ARTA, a city in the Epirus region that has a Ro- man bridge. Arrival in IGOUMENITSA. Suppertime and
boarding to cross the Ionian Sea. Night on board, over- night accommodation in double cabins with private
bathroom (we recommend bringing a handbag along to
spend the night on board. Breakfast on the boat Sunday
morning is not included).             
Note:The ferry used, which is the only one available, leaves
at one in the morning, but boarding is not usually possible
until after midnight. Sometimes due to late arrival, the ferry
might be delayed. It is a simple ferry (double cabins with
private bathroom). Occasionally, due to weather conditions,
vessel inspection or shedule changes, strikes, fully booked
ferryboats or other reasons, we are forced to adapt the
schedules of the following day itinerary according to the
berthing time of the ship or fly from Athens to Rome, in
which case the visits to Amfilochia and Arta are cancelled
and a Sunday visit to Naples and Pompeii is included.
TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Highly picturesque seaport
town of Trani. City of Naples. 
Arrival in BRINDISI early in the morning. We will follow
the Adriatic coastline in Southern Italy. We will visit
TRANI, a picturesque little town by the sea, and its
fishing port, its old cathedral and its lively streets.
Lunchtime. We will resume our trip to NAPLES, where
we will arrive in the afternoon. Short sightseeing tour
in its historic centre before resuming our journey to
TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: City tour of Rome. Roman
Coliseum (admission price included) and visit to the
Vatican City.
In the morning, we have a scenic tour of the city, which will be a great introduction to “The Eternal city”.
We visit the tiny state of the Vatican. The Vatican City
is a principal centre of Christianity in the world. You
will be able to visit St. Peter’s Basilica. And we have
also included admission to the Roman Coliseum, the
principal symbol of Rome. This impressive construction
dates back 2,000 years and will transport us in time
so that we can learn about ancient society in the Ro- man Empire. In the evening we provide transport to
the Via Cavour area, were you will find restaurants
serving Italian, Indian, Chinese and international food.
Return to hotel.
TODAY’S HIGLIGHTS: Tour with a local expert from
Florence. View from Piazzale Michelangelo.    
We will leave Rome, heading north. This route is graced
with beautiful landscapes. Upon arrival in FLORENCE, we head straight to Piazzale Michelangelo, an impres- sive site in the city. In the evening we provide a tour
with a local expert, and walk through the historic
centre, taking in places such as the Ponte Vecchio, the
Duomo, and Piazza della Signoria. This city is truly an
outdoor museum. Free time to explore. In the even- ing, you can dine at your favourite restaurant. In this
district you can find restaurants serving Italian, Indian,
Chinese and international food.
TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Vaporetto boat on Venice’s
Grand Canal. Visit and admission to the San Marcos
Basilica, where we can admire the technique of crafting
Murano Glass.
Today we enjoy stunning mountain landscapes while
crossing the Apennine Mountains. Arriving in VENICE, we will board a Vapporetto to travel around on the ca- nals in the historic centre. With a local guide, we will
visit the marvellous Plaza de San Marcos and enter the marvellous basilica (entry cost included). Afterwards, we
shall be able to visit the Murano glass factory city. It is mar- vellous to see the technique of crystal blowing. Free time.
At the end of the afternoon, you will have the chance to eat
dinner in the Mestre area, where you can choose the type
of restaurant that you prefer (Indian, Oriental, Italian, etc.).
After breakfast, end of our services.


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